Beginning of time - Group of Cyclists all from Bingham started to head out on a Sunday Morning.

Feb 2014 - Bingham Women’s Cycling Club was formed on Facebook, so likeminded Women could organise rides in the Vale of Belvoir.

Aug 2014 - Bingham and Newton Cycling Club was formed on Facebook. The founder was tired of cycling to West Bridgford to cycle with a club only to ride back out into the Vale. So he decided to form a new club near his home town and the great cycling venue that is the Vale of Belvoir.

Dec 2014 - Meeting took place in a local pub of 25 Cyclists from the three groups above who decided to join together to become The Vale of Belvoir Cycling Club and  VBCC was formed. It was decided we wanted to become a proper cycling club and register with British Cycling and the first Committee was formed.

Jan 2015 - Vale of Belvoir Cycling Club officially formed and was registered with British Cycling.

April 2015 - VBCC Rides and Events Facebook Page created keeping rides separate from the discussions around cycling….and boy were there lots of chat and word quickly spread.

Feb 2015 - The first VBCC distinctive kit designed and ordered.

Jun 2016 - First Road Race hosted by VBCC. Took place on the Thoroton Circuit, a newly approved Race Venue just for VBCC

July 2016 - First VBCC Race Winner, Tom Jacques at the Harvey Hadden

Mar 2017 - VBCC Junior complete their first training.

May 2017 - 130+ Members and counting.

Join us and be part of creating the future