The main purpose of the VBCC Code of Conduct is to provide guidelines as to how VBCC members are expected to represent the club at all times in the events and rides they participate in, whether these are official British Cycling events (eg. sportives, races etc) or weekly club rides.

VBCC members represent the Vale of Belvoir Cycling Club, and their behaviour can have a positive and negative effect on the club.



VBCC is a British Cycling affiliated cycling club and has adopted the British Cycling Code of Conduct as its applicable Code of Conduct []. 

All VBCC members should take the time to read and follow (as applicable), the British Cycling Code of Conduct, regardless of whether or not the VBCC member is also a member of British Cycling.

In addition, VBCC members should follow the Highway Code and act courteously and with respect to other VBCC members, as well as all other cyclists and road users, at all times.



VBCCs Facebook groups are the club’s virtual (and primary) noticeboards, and enables the swift and efficient distribution of details regarding club rides, events and other useful information to the majority of VBCC members. 

VBCCs Facebook group is an ever-expanding and inclusive community and the VBCC Committee intend to keep it that way.  Therefore, any language, comments and/or other content posted by a VBCC member (or non-VBCC member) which the VBCC Committee deems to be inappropriate will be deleted, with any repeated instances resulting in the removal of the relevant individual from the Facebook group.  The VBCC Committee asks all VBCC members and non-members to respect the club’s Facebook groups and to think carefully before posting anything that may cause offence.



By applying for membership of VBCC and paying the annual membership fee, VBCC members agree to abide by the VBCC Constitution and Code of Conduct at all times.Type your paragraph here.