Guidance for club rides involving junior members


The VBCC is excited to start having juniors join the club as members to help secure the future of the club, and to promote cycling in the local area with juniors.

A junior is a person of 12 years of age or older, but younger than 18 years.

Juniors will be welcome on club rides only, and there are certain conditions and agreements which must be adhered to by the junior and his/her parent or guardian.

Juniors aged 16 to 18 may attend a club ride without a parent/guardian, and adhere to the conditions and agreements they sign up to when joining the club. Juniors under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.

This document is for guidance for VBCC members who are on the same rides as juniors, to safeguard both the junior(s) and also the other club members.



(Please also see our safeguarding page click here) 

There must be more than one adult on the ride with the junior(s).
Club members on the same ride as a junior do not need to be DBS (formerly CRB) checked.
VBCC Junior members are required to be British Cycling members. They are also required to carry their BC membership card with emergency contact details completed.
The junior should not be on a ride which is beyond his/her capabilities. This should be arranged in advance with the parent/guardian. Any concerns on the ride must be raised.
The group must ensure the junior gets back to the start point or home, if passing nearby on the return.
Adults should not be left alone with the junior for any length of time in private.
In the event of an emergency, the VBCC “In case of emergency procedure” should be followed. Members should make themselves aware of this procedure.
There must not be any inappropriate contact with a junior by an adult.
Any issues with a junior on a ride must be raised with the VBCC Management Committee as soon as possible.Type your paragraph here.