Reasons for joining VBCC

VBCC is affiliated with British Cycling.  Joining VBCC will entitle you to a discount on British Cycling membership which in turn allows you to take advantage of numerous benefits.

Joining VBCC will also give you the motivation to get out on your bike and ride. With Facebook acting as our "Club Noticeboard" we can advertise numerous rides catering for all ability levels. By seeing these ride opportunities appearing frequently on Facebook you are sure to get out on your bike more regularly.

Cycling with other VBCC members will provide you with the moral support and knowledge to help you achieve, and potentially exceed, your goals. The social nature of group riding certainly makes the miles fly by.

The Vale of Belvoir is a beautiful and quiet part of the country in which to cycle, with routes that will suit beginnners to advanced riders alike.  The broad experience of other VBCC members will open up new routes and great refreshment stops you never knew existed!

You may want to race as part of a team.  VBCC have members who take part in competitive and non-competitive sportifs. Being part of the VBCC team, training and wearing the team kit will make a big difference to your performance.

VBCC is also registered with the Cycling Time Trails association (CTT) which means as a VBCC member you can take part in any CTT sanctioned event on behalf of VBCC nationwide.

VBCC members enjoy exclusive members discounts at various partner businesses, for example Creation Cycles and The Cycle Garage, with more partner businesses to follow in the coming months.

VBCC also has a Women’s sub-group. The focus of this group is to get more women into cycling. This is a unique feature other local cycling clubs do not offer and provides a platform for women to become experienced road cyclists.  After all it’s not all about Men in Lycra on a Sunday Morning!

VBCC women’s group are training members to become Breeze Ride Leaders. So not only will there be rides led by trained VBCC members but also opportunities for members to become Breeze Ride Leaders in the future.

VBCC has such a wide variety of ability levels that you are sure to find riders who are of a similar ability level to you.  Remember riding is much safer in a group than on your own, and should you have any mechanical issues someone is sure to help you or have the tools for the job.

VBCC membership is only £15 for the year.  All you need after that is a bike and a helmet - who knows what opportunities this may provide!  We also have numerous contacts at British Cycling, Cyclocross, Breeze and have worked with Track Instructors.

VBCC Winter membership offer - membership only £5 for all new members joining between September and December.

(Membership runs 1st Jan-31st December each year) 

Donna Ablitt

(VBCC Committee)

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