VBCC Ride Categories

STEADY - <14mph


ADVANCED – 16-18mph

FAST – 18-20mph


It is important that you are realistic about your ability. Please make sure you are prepared to ride to the advertised speeds to avoid any frustration for yourself and other VBCC members.

VBCC Club Rides

These are the set times that VBCC meets and rides, based on departure from the Picture Cafe in Bingham.

2016 Season (March 27th to October 30th)
Tuesday              18:30

Sunday                08:00

2016/17 Winter Season  (30th October 2015 to March 26th 2017)  

Sunday                09:00

We understand that these times might not suit everybody but in the eyes of VBCC, and for insurance purposes, these are the official VBCC ride times.

The plan is for all members of all abilities to meet at the same time. We will then split into the relevant groups and roll out together when possible. This will give VBCC members greater consistency and also help members of all abilities get to know each other. Should you find your fitness improving and want to step up to the next group it should make it easier for you to do that too.

The VBCC "Club Rides" will be posted by a VBCC committee member, but such rides may not always be attended by the host. This is to ensure that VBCC members get the invite to the Club Ride, although the hope is that the Club Rides will become second nature to VBCC members. If you are planning on going, say that you are by clicking “Join” on the event. It helps us anticipate numbers.  It would also be appreciated for the first few weeks if you could post which ride category you are in, just until we all get used to this format. It will also help identify those planning rides for the various categories.

Other rides

Any VBCC member can post their own rides at any time. We really want to encourage that; the likelihood is that if you want to do that type of ride, somebody else will too. Please follow the guidelines for posting rides which can be found on VBCC's Rides & Events Facebook page.  Please note that any new rides and/or events that are posted on the Open Forum Facebook page will be removed.

Riding with fellow VBCC members is the biggest benefit to joining VBCC. It is the best way to get the most from your VBCC membership, and makes cycling far more enjoyable.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to direct message me or any of the VBCC committee.

Tom Jacques
VBCC Committee   


Definitions and interpretation:


VBCC Club Rides, all VBCC members are welcome. Meet at the designated starting point before the advertised departure time. Riders will then split into groups based on ability and plan a ride for that group or groups (come prepared with an idea or post it to the event). The Club Ride will then either separate into groups from the meeting point, or roll out together and separate at appropriate points into the ability groups. 

These rides are intended to provide regular rides at the same time and day each week. They are not necessarily social rides, although they may involve a coffee stop. They are for riding with ability peers, and will no doubt involve some training/effort element to them. In theory, the groups should stay more or less together the whole time, as the abilities will be similar for all riders. There should be minimal re-grouping required, and only stopping and waiting if necessary (mechanical, etc).

The emphasis is knowing your ability and riding with your peers, which is far more enjoyable than playing catch up, making people wait, and hence riding by yourself off the back.

It is important that you are realistic about your ability. Please make sure you are prepared to ride to the advertised speeds to avoid any frustration for yourself and other VBCC members. If the ride is going quicker than advertised and you are struggling, speak to the ride organiser. Ride organisers: listen to any feedback if the ride is quicker than advertised and adjust accordingly.

A specific ride for a specific purpose. State the reason for the ride, along with the pace, terrain, etc. You may find other people who are training for the same thing!


Rule #1 - this does NOT include Terrace Hill!
All other rules are the same as #1!

A ride where all are welcome, but should include a distance and terrain, as well as speed. If you are slower than the proposed pace, you could use this type of ride as a training ride to try to bridge the gap to the next level. However, you should contact the ride organiser in advance to check this is okay; and you should also be aware that the majority of the people on these rides will be riding within themselves and can chat and take it easy. If you are trying to bridge the gap to the next level, you may have to forego the chatting and put the effort in. Top tip: get yourself in the group so you are sheltered and give it the beans! Your reward will come at the coffee stop and at the end. Ride organisers should actively encourage slower riders onto these rides who wish to attempt to bridge the gap, and should manage the ride to make sure it stays within the bounds of the proposed pace, and help those who are trying their best!

Social rides, if possible, should involve coffee, or cake, or both! They are for generally taking it easy and enjoying the company of VBCC members.

Riding as a group in a chain gang is good fun and rewarding when done well. It also takes practice, co-operation, and when done incorrectly increases the risk to riders. If you've not done one before, or for a while, check out useful videos before going on the ride: do your homework!
Rides should be advertised at an ability level, so you will need to know whether you can achieve the speeds over the distance, or whether you will go for just a part of the ride (until you've had enough and can no longer maintain the effort - you'll be stronger for next time!). Chain gangs are great for putting in good miles with a group, but they require concentration and effort from everyone. No one hides, everyone works!

 It would be helpful if routes are posted in advance.

Please be aware some of these rides will be “drop rides” if the intention is to go as fast as possible and riders could be dropped it should be clearly stated in the description and repeated verbally before you set off on the ride.

Recovery rides are for easing off the training prior to whatever it is you are training for (a sportive, etc), so your legs will be fresh for the big event. These may be similar to a social ride, and for those trying to bridge the gap these could be another opportunity to ride with the next ability group up (again, the effort will be required). 

Recovery rides are to help getting back into riding shortly after a big event or a heavy training session. They flush the legs out and are there (as it says on the tin) to actively recover from a big ride.

What goes up, must come down..... and then up again, and then down.....etc!

Hill repeats involve going up the same climb or a series of hill climbs over and over again. They are a great training tool for hilly sportives or to build your climbing muscles and skills. These are tough sessions, but generally you don't go far, just up a lot.

Predominantly off road rides. A cyclocross suitable bike is recommended for these!

Off road, sometimes in the hills and mountains. Tough terrain. Falling off is highly likely!