VBCC is committed to being a friendly club that welcomes all people into cycling. Safeguarding is an important aspect in ensuring that the club is a safe and enjoyable environment, especially for children and vulnerable adults. The club is committed to ensuring that the policies of British Cycling are followed for good practice throughout the club. The club and its members have a duty to protect and prevent those at risk from harm.

All club members, parents, carers, coaches and volunteers have a responsibility to ensure that juniors and vulnerable adults are safeguarded and any concerns are raised at the earliest opportunity. I would encourage everybody to read the British Cycling Safeguarding policies, these are a great source of information for good practice, identifying signs of harm and ensuring that we achieve a safe place for members to be.

Links to the safeguarding policies that VBCC are committed to can be found at the bottom of this page.

What should you report?

If you have any concern about a child (under 18) or vulnerable adult in the club, report it to the Club Welfare Officer, it is better to report than leave it. It might not even relate to something that has happened in the club. You should also report any concern about a member, parents, carers, coaches or volunteers’ behaviour. 

Harm could be considered to be many things and range in severity, and each individual circumstance will vary. Whilst not an exhaustive list, examples of concerns could be:

  • Child member / vulnerable adult not included in activities
  • Bullying
  • Adult making suggestive comments towards a child
  • Member / coach spending an inappropriate one on one time with a junior
  • Child / vulnerable adult with unexplained injuries
  • Member having contact with a junior on social media
  • Child / vulnerable adult appearing withdrawn and isolated during club activities
  • Pushy parents / carers

How to report a concern?

The Club has a dedicated Club Welfare Officer (CWO) whose responsibility is to ensure that the club is implementing safeguarding measures. The CWO is also the point of contact should anyone have a concern. Any contact with the CWO is completely confidential.  If an adult or junior has raised any concerns with you, I would advise you to make notes on what they said and report it to the CWO.

The Club Welfare Officer is ANDREW KEY, he can be contacted on the following e-mail:


British Cycling also have their own safeguarding team, if you feel that you do not want to approach the CWO or anyone else in the club you can directly contact them using the following link:


Mobile 07932009601

e-mail compliance@britishcycling.org.uk


Policies / Information can be found by clicking on the following: